Apologies in advance to Admins of groups that find this episode of Deathrain’s Blog to be somewhat lacking in X-Wing related content this time around. I have an announcement to make. Starting May 15th, 9:00am(BST) and every day after that for the next week, I will be streaming the Mass Effect trilogy.

Click the link below and hit the follow button. That way, whenever you’re on Twitch and there’s nothing good to watch, you can come join me on an epic space adventure. Shooting bad guys, getting discounts at stores, and spurning advances from alien hotties. This galaxy has everything!

Tri Hard Cheater

Hopped into another online tournament. Kyber something, I forget the name. Biggest event they would boast, though ‘biggest online event’ I’d be quick to remind them. This one has list building restrictions and it goes like this:

Before the event starts players vote for cards that they want banned. Whether due to them being busted, or they’re just sick of facing them. The top 10 most voted will be removed, with a further two cards being added to the ban list after each round.

The past few weeks I’ve been on the rollercoaster of emotions or lack thereof. A popular attraction around this time of year, normally on it for a couple of days but understandably the time has extended due to what’s been going on outside. Lacking the ability to think or feel I did my best to maintain some form of social contact in online X-Wing. With disastrous results.

My natties (the DR dice as they are known) deserted me. The crit cards conspired against me. My triggers were missed. My ships, off the board. The opposing lists were NPEs. Dog Water…

The time has come! The System Open experience delivered to your door courtesy of GoldSquadronPodcast. 172 players from every corner of the Earth. Every creed, every religion, every culture come here. To fly Nantex. Okay not everyone is doing that, but it’s certainly on the mind of most when deciding what to fly. In the interest of playing it safe I’ve gone for my old reliable list that’s easy to fly and has stood fast against every meta since the start of 2019.

Darth Vader TIE Advanced x1 (75) Fire-Control System + Afterburners Soontir Fel TIE/in Interceptor (56) Predator

Last episode recap. Renegades Team Championship. New points kicked in after the tournament had started, and man did we want out. We had hoped that we wouldn’t make the cut. Fate conspired against us. We made it all the way to the final. I had hoped that my teammates would both lose and I wouldn’t need to play my game, best of three and all that. Of course they went 1–1 and it was up to me and that bloody torrent meme list to bring home the gold for the Hex crew.

I didn’t stream that game. For two reasons…

Bit late on this one. Bloggers who don’t immediately review every change in depth get put on the MIA list. Rather than go through the list of things I predicted would happen with a smug grin on my face I’ll do a quick run through of things I wasn’t expecting.

Rebels: Falcons and Ghosts. They were fine, saw a lot of play and did the job.

Empire: Punishers are cheaper? You know what happened when 2.0 released right? I remember. Inbox full of people telling me they’re gonna fly the Punisher. In no time at all it became degeneracy with…

If I could sum up the past four months in one word, it would be HexiledGaming. Hanging out on the stream and playing games to take my mind off that horrid infection. It’s been jolly good fun. You’re not in a tournament setting, you’re on TV. And with an armada of ships to pick from it’s a great opportunity to get creative, and be a showoff. No one wants to see the same thing over and over again. So I ask the audience, name a thing you wanna see and you’ll see it. And they do. Most of the time.

Dice odds. List building. What is good and what is not. These topics are the forefront of any conversation in blogs, podcasts, and smoker’s corner after you got tabled again. Today however, we shall talk of something different. Quite possibly my favourite part of this game, and of any game I’ve played. The ability to deceive one’s opponent.

In Magic the Gathering, leaving three Islands untapped gives the impression that you are ready with a counter spell. Your opponent may play more conservatively to avoid the trap that was never in your hand. In Poker, a two seven off suit…

Six rounds of the i5–6s gtfo event have passed and is heading into a top 8 cut. Of the many weird and wonderful squads on display here are the ones that stood fast in the gauntlet:

“Recoil” TIE/vn Silencer (66)
Predator + Proton Rockets
First Order Test Pilot TIE/vn Silencer (61)
Crack Shot + Advanced Optics
Lieutenant Tavson Upsilon-class command shuttle (65)
Biohexacrypt Codes

Lando Calrissian Customized YT-1300 Light Freighter (63)
Trick Shot + 0–0–0 + Qi’ra + Lando’s Millennium Falcon
Autopilot Drone Escape Craft (12)
Asajj Ventress Lancer-class Pursuit Craft (75)
4-LOM + Shadow Caster
Viktor Hel Kihraxz Fighter (50)
Stealth Device…

Now that I’ve sufficiently riled up people who prefer to blame their dice instead of flying better, it’s time for Deathrain to get ostracized by another section of the community. Specifically, those of you who fly Vulture swarms. I hate Vulture swarms and I think they are bad for the game. Time for a disclaimer before they find my corpse in an alley with ‘roger’ tattooed on my forehead. No I don’t hate people for flying them. List hate is against X-Wing community regulations and carries a hefty fine. I don’t hate the ship itself, they’re pretty cool looking. …

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